This Google Chrome ad about the Vocaloid sensation got me to thinking about my own experiences with and opinions on the software, music, and fandom. I don’t exactly remember my first encounter with Hatsune Miku, but I recall having been initially very enthusiastic about the practical application of the software. I learned about her very early on through NicoNico, and I enjoyed sampling the songs now and then. I never really became an obsessive Vocaloid fan; it simply absorbed into my broader nerd interests. Continue Reading »

Because nerdom so much loves broad generalizations and being able to judge one another’s intelligence level based on simple measurements of whether or not a certain individual loves film/comic/games X, Redline is set to become the new standard by which all anime fans are defined. Love Redline? Then you, my friend, are a true hero of animation. Don’t like Redline? Sorry, but you must now sit at the pillow-hugging moe fanboy table. While this may not be as stated on the surface as I portray it, there will be a strong underlying current of this feeling for quite a while. The snarky jaded anime fans will parade their animated savior around, and everyone who doesn’t become a fan is “stupid” and “inferior” in their taste and view of animation. Continue Reading »

I Too Follow Akiyuki Shinbo


Back in May, Japanese ISP Biglobe posted a the results of a survey (ANN translation) asking the users what anime director they follow. The number one most-followed director was Akiyuki Shinbo with 1669 votes, followed closely by Yamakan with 1565 votes. Meanwhile, Tomino, Miyazaki, Anno, Kon, and Oshii fall way behind. Tomino’s 801 votes get him the fifth place and Miyazaki is in seventh with 430. Poor Takahata is number 36 with only 95 votes, and Rintaro’s 59 leave him in the sad forty-sixth place. Continue Reading »

I’m sorry, but I love showing off my purchases and sweet deals so I’ll be posting my combined haul each month. At least, I will not be posting each time I return from a garage sale or get a package. I spent way too much money in May, and will be holding back significantly this Summer. That said, when I come across a good deal at a used bookstore or something, it would be silly not to take advantage of it. I live my consumerist life after this principle. I am also writing this as an idea springboard for future reviews. I consume so much media that it is beneficial to take a step back and consider each item individually. Continue Reading »

At the beginning of the Spring 2011 season, I was very enthusiastic about the latest Shounen Jump anime Toriko. Its character designs and manly protagonist are a welcome throwback to classic Shounen Jump, and its charm and hints of strong world building reminded me greatly of One Piece. Combining the love of food of a typical cooking manga and the adventure bravado of hunting down monolithic creatures, Toriko is a breath of fresh air against the standards of modern Jump. An immensely fun show, it managed to not only be a unique blend of elements, but an effective combination that used cleverly utilized the strengths of each. As odd as the story is, there is a heart and craftmanship to it that keeps it standing beyond the novelty of its gimmick. Each episode continued to impress with its quirky fun and entertaining progression. Despite this, I am not sure how much longer I will continue to follow this anime.. Continue Reading »

[I have no intention of posting much Insert-Disc material here at AM11PM7, but since the 2011 version of this survey is coming soon, I am posting it here for the sake of consistency. The 2011 version has a broader manga focus than 2010’s Yotsuba oriented survey.]

Everybody loves Yotsuba&!. This series is a huge fan favourite among manga critics, while also achieving some mainstream success- I can think of very few people who strongly dislike Yotsuba&!. This comedy series about a young girl’s daily life has a wide appeal; despite its childish look and premise, it is serialized in the seinen magazine. Many have commented that Yotsuba&! would be well received by children, if they were to read it.

My mother teaches a fourth grade classroom. We decided that to put a volume of Yotsuba on the shelf and see what happens. It was instantly popular. Volume one quickly made its way around the class, with complaints made if one kid was reading it too slowly. My mom picked up the rest of the series from a used bookstore and her students were overjoyed. Yotsuba&! is the cool thing that most of the class is into. When they doodle on the pack of papers, it is of Yotsuba. Parents have asked my mom what Yotsuba is, since their kids have been asking for their own copies.

I decided to survey the readers on their thoughts on Yotsuba&! and will now present my findings. Continue Reading »

I know it has been way too long since the first issue, and I haven’t written very much this past year. I spent a good deal of time in a transitional phase where my blogging and writing endeavors made important shifts. I’ve been occupied doing more studying of manga and anime history and familiarizing myself with important concepts that should help in my development as a writer. So, it isn’t like I haven’t been doing anything. There is also the fact that I extensively play every game I feature in the magazine, no matter how much I have played it before. I want to base my opinions on very accurate and recent impressions of the games. This summer will finally see the release of the second issue of Ancient Technology is Always Superior. Continue Reading »